About Us

We believe that the gift of inspirational or healing jewelry will benefit the wearer so you not only look great but feel great. From Chakra or Reiki healing to an Inspirational saying, all are to be to the benefit of the person wearing them.

We have a passion for anything a little different. We decided it was time to share some of our collection of treasures with you. We make jewelry, and find unique creations for the site from around the world. 

Our aim is to provide Jewelry to Inspire and Heal you, and to provide items that you will never find in your local jewelry shop. You know the one of a kind items that you see someone wearing and wonder where they found it. 

My team is made up of some great artists. We Ship all over the world. 

You can reach us at support@awkwardturtle.ca

Of course you can find us on Facebook  too.  We have new items in all the time so check back regularly to see what is new. 

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