Flirting Gone Awry

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Hello out there!

I'm Jayde, I'm the person whose face is on the homepage!

Alright, that's my Awkward Turtle Moment thanks for stopping by. Just kidding, this is far more embarrassing.

--------------------                (>O__O)>        <(O___O<)               ---------------------

Let me give you a small back story here. I work part-time at a hotel and right now we're undergoing renovations and there are a handful of attractive boys who come around for breakfast (I'm a breakfast attendant). Now I wouldn't say I'm a huge flirt but I do enjoy my fifteen minutes of flirtation during the week, currently there are these two particular boys that I like more than the others and because I only see them once or twice a week I don't bother to choose who I'm flirting with, I just do them both at the same time. I figured that because they're friends it would be okay, you know? I assumed that this would just go fairly well for me. I was wrong.

Last week these two came around for some break-y and like always I hung out, chatting while they ate. Everything was going as usual, I teased them, they laughed. My radar should have gone up when the older of the two guys (let's call him Taylor) started talking about video games and the younger guy (the cutest in my opinion, let's call him William) replied that he doesn't really play video games that much and that Taylor should know this because the x-box he gave him was still in his room where Taylor had left it. I just figured, naively, that Taylor was really nice.... giving his friend an x-box and all, so I didn't think much of it. It wasn't really until we were all forced to go back to work and my co-worker began to ask them questions that I realized my mistake.

She started asking the natural questions, which for some reason I hadn't thought to ask. Things like: how old are you, where do you live. Things I should have known after months of flirting with these guys. The conversation pretty much went like this:

Co-Worker (we will call her Jess): How old are you guys?

Taylor: 23

William: 20

Me: I'll be 23 in 10 days! - no body cared.

Jess: Where do you guys live? Is it a long way in?

Taylor: We live in South *insert town name here*.

Jess: We?

William: We're brothers.


MY FACE: O______O

Wait more like...


So let's break this down again.

I have been shamelessly hitting on brothers who live together and work together! I mean I will never live that down. I'm still trying to figure out if the situation is salvageable.

They got me so good.


What's your #AwkwardTurtleMoment ?

-------- xo; Jayde


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